Call Tracer – Call detail reporting and billing software Call Recorder – Call detail voice digital recording hardware/software
Acousticker is a powerful Training Hardware/software System, comprehensive speech development tool.
Pediascaler Pediatric Examination Table offers all the features and benefits you need to give your baby and infant patients the best, most tender care possible.
AlertSounder is a revolutionary technique to generate alerts in a medium or large area company, compound or site where large screens can be used to convey synthesized Sound alerts and information to various points.
Queuing is the process of moving customers from a central location, such as a lobby or waiting area to a specific place of service, such as a counter or workstation.  
CallScreener is a live telephone call monitor which detects call centers operation status: Line Idle, Line Ringing or Line Busy. CallScreener is a USB Modular interchangeable hardware interfaced with a full customizable software.
Nurseeker solves the communication issues faced by hospital facilities by delivering flexible and integrated solutions that address these issues today… and tomorrow.
Ctrl-smarter can integrate and fit easily into your existing infrastructure enhancing your home/business operation and control.